Eastern Shores Short Sales

Eastern Shores is a waterfront neighborhood located in the city of North Miami Beach and the eastern part of Miami-Dade County. The guard gated neighborhood is located just south of the City of Aventura and just west of the city of Sunny Isles Beach. Eastern Shores is known for being a waterfront community and a boaters paradise. The Eastern Shores real estate is made up of houses , condos, and townhouses are located along the waterfront either being on the Intracoastal waterway, a canal, or Maule Lake. All the properties located here have access the Intracoastal waterway and the ocean with no fixed bridges. No fixed bridges means easy access to and from the Intracoastal or the ocean.

The western side of Eastern Shores off of 35th ave is made up of single family homes (houses) while the eastern side of NE 35th Ave is made up of condos and townhouses that range from 1-4 bedrooms. Eastern Shores is a 24 hour 7 days a week guard gated community, manned by a North Miami Beach police offer. Eastern Shores Real Estate is known for being very safe and having a low crime rate. Additionally, it has its own Fire Rescue station located next to the guard house. There is a basketball court and playground in the neighborhood as well.

The entrance to Eastern Shores is located right next to the popular Intracoastal Mall which has many places to shop and eat including Winn-Dixie, Duffy’s, Racks Pizza, Old Navy and Marshall’s. There is also a popular movie theater. Many of the restaurants in Intracoastal mall allow you to drive your boat up to them and dock. This is always a popular thing to do for boat owners particularly when friends visit. The streets in Eastern Shores run east and West which allows the houses, condos, townhouses to be located on both sides of the street and have access to the waterfront. All the properties in Eastern Shores whether they are a house, condo, or townhouse, have a water view or partial water view whether it’s a wide view of the Intracoastal, Maule Lake, or a canal.

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BuildingAddressYear Built#Units#FloorsPetsFor SaleFor Rent
3862 Building3862 NE 171st ST197263YFor SaleFor Rent
Aquarius by the Sea3967 NE 168th ST1974124YFor SaleFor Rent
Bayview Point North3770 NE 171st ST1974436NFor SaleFor Rent
Bayview Point South3601 NE 170th ST1974436YFor SaleFor Rent
Beach Club Villas3510-4009 NE 167th ST1973982YFor SaleFor Rent
Caribbean House3665 NE 167th ST1973388NFor SaleFor Rent
Conqueror3948 NE 169th ST1974356NFor SaleFor Rent
Coral Isles East3703 NE 166th ST19728910YFor SaleFor Rent
Coral Isles West3545 NE 166th ST19729010YFor SaleFor Rent
Dolphin3642 NE 171st ST1974325NFor SaleFor Rent
Driftwood Cove Townhouses16501-16515 NE 26th Ave1969102NFor SaleFor Rent
Eastern Parkview16518 NE 26th Ave1973154YFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 13551 NE 169th ST1969524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 23725 NE 169th ST1970524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 33849 NE 169th ST1970524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 43600 NE 170th ST1971524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 53750 NE 170th St1972524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 63550 NE 169th ST1972524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Isles No 73750 NE 169th ST1972524NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Point North4000 NE 170th ST1974546NFor SaleFor Rent
Eden Point South4000 NE 169th ST1973486NFor SaleFor Rent
Florence17051 NE 35th Ave1973274YFor SaleFor Rent
Intracoastal Point16531 NE 35th Ave1990124YFor SaleFor Rent
La Canadienne3545 NE 167th ST1973324YFor SaleFor Rent
La Mar Breeze3944 NE 167th ST1974284NFor SaleFor Rent
Lago Verde3785-3853 NE 170th ST1973182YFor SaleFor Rent
Lakeview Townhomes16400-16533 NE 26th Ave1979822YFor SaleFor Rent
Leeward Point Townhomes16440-16510 NE 27th PL1974412YFor SaleFor Rent
Melrose Place3522 NE 166th ST1970163NFor SaleFor Rent
Michelle3582 NE 171st ST1974153NFor SaleFor Rent
Oceanview Townhomes16657-16669 NE 35th Ave20042YFor SaleFor Rent
Orchid Bay3906-3946 NE 168th ST1990112YFor SaleFor Rent
Oyster Cove Townhouses16517-16537 NE 26th Ave1990102YFor SaleFor Rent
Palms Townhomes16717-16797 NE 35th Ave200592YFor SaleFor Rent
Palo Alto3922-3923 NE 166th ST1966993YFor SaleFor Rent
Paradise Isles3531 NE 170th ST1972163YFor SaleFor Rent
Pelican Landing4000 NE 168th ST1982244YFor SaleFor Rent
Reef Club East16558 NE 26th Ave1974506YFor SaleFor Rent
Reef Club North16546 NE 26th Ave1973506YFor SaleFor Rent
Reef Club South16570 NE 26th Ave1980506YFor SaleFor Rent
Reef Club West16565 NE 26th Ave1980506YFor SaleFor Rent
Riviera Isles3522 NE 171st ST1972283YFor SaleFor Rent
Sandpiper3745 NE 171st ST1973783YFor SaleFor Rent
Seagull Townhomes3547-3747 NE 168th ST1982282YFor SaleFor Rent
Shoreclub3803-3845 NE 166th ST1981122YFor SaleFor Rent
Shoreland Estate Townhomes3501-3561 NE 171st ST1973162YFor SaleFor Rent
Shores II Townhomes3830-3880 NE 168th ST200662YFor SaleFor Rent
Sunny Shores3716 NE 168th ST1971244NFor SaleFor Rent
Sunny Shores South3615 NE 167th ST1973245YFor SaleFor Rent
Sunshores3527 NE 168th ST1973274YFor SaleFor Rent
Ten Tops Townhomes3844-3904 NE 167th ST1981102YFor SaleFor Rent
Tides Towmhomes3722-3814 NE 166th ST1982172YFor SaleFor Rent
Trowbeck3725 NE 167th St197173NFor SaleFor Rent
Venice Isles3536 NE 168th ST1972355NFor SaleFor Rent
Villas on the Bay3923-3929 NE 171st ST198042YFor SaleFor Rent
Vista on the Bay16590 NE 26th Ave2001206YFor SaleFor Rent
Waterpoint3868 NE 169th ST1973284YFor SaleFor Rent
Waterway Isles3860 NE 170th ST1973374YFor SaleFor Rent
Whitehouse3660 NE 166th ST197111910NFor SaleFor Rent